You need amino-acids to build muscle.
Unfortunately, science has proven that most amino acid supplements work on lab animals only – they do not build muscle in hard-training athletes. In fact, most amino acid supplements only cause side-effects. Why? Because these supplements lack pH controlled delivery systems and time-released technology.

Your body is a biochemical machine with a sensitive pH balance that must be maintained; disruptions to your pH balance will cause stomach cramps, nausea, cold sweats, bloating and diarrhea. Because most amino acid supplements today lack a pH controlled delivery system, you must take massive doses of amino-acids several times daily to notice any effect. This is not only inconvenient, but unsafe – amino-acid mega-dosing can cause violent chemical reactions in your stomach that disrupt your pH balance, putting you at risk for amino-acid overdose.

Your body simply can not handle the violent chemical reactions and pH disruptions that occur from taking a ton of amino acids all at once. Even worse, because most amino-acid supplements lack time-released technology, most of the amino-acids that you take from these supplements are destroyed in your stomach acids before they reach your muscles. This forces you to take even larger doses to see effect, further disrupting your pH balance, increasing the stress on your organs, and increasing product cost – you get less value for your money.

AMINO AKG by Tri-Pharm overcomes the limits of regular amino-acid supplements. AMINO AKG is a unique amino-acid supplement that uses a pH controlled delivery system and time-released amino-acid delivery technology to give you the amino-acids you need – without the painful and unnecessary side-effects that result from primitive amino-acid products.

The amino-acids in AMINO AKG are alpha-ketoglutarated to be sensitive and gentle to your stomachs pH balance, to increase amino-acid absorption, and to ensure that a steady stream of amino-acids are delivered to your muscles throughout the day. AMINO AKG is very convenient to take, because you don’t have to take as many doses, so you won’t have to worry about missing a dose and hurting your results.

The alpha-ketoglutarated delivery system in AMINO AKG ensures that AMINO AKG survives stomach acids and has superior absorption so that you can build muscle, burn fat, get stronger and recover faster – better than ever before, and all without the side-effects and expense of other amino-acid supplements.


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