DESCRIPTION: In order to truly burn body fat, it is essential that one consume fewer calories than the body burns at rest and during exercise. Thermogenics, also known as “fatburners,” aid to help do just that. Beyond simple dieting and cutting calories, one needs to find a way to convince the body and the metabolism that fat is an effective source of fuel to burn off during exercise, as opposed to your hard-earned muscle, rich in amino acids, and much more readily available as quick energy if needed. INTEK THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION acts as a catalyst, by getting stored body fat to be burned off when energy is expended. It will also allow more calories to be burned off during the day through a process called uncoupling. By increasing your base metabolic rate, or the rate at which the body burns calories in general, not only will you be burning more fat during exercise but on your days off as well. This is good news for exercise enthusiasts because ultimately, THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION not only then acts as a catalyst for weight loss to help shuttle fat into your body’s energy factories, but also allows for more fat calorie release both during and after periods of energy expenditure. Best of all THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION can effectively shrink the size of the fat cells currently residing within you. Curbing ones appetite and crushing hunger cravings also goes hand in hand with weight loss; fortunately for you, THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION has been shown to do just that. This means more weight loss from your cardio, more fat burning potential daily, and more energy, with less trouble dieting due to the aid of appetite suppressants to curb hunger cravings and prevent binge eating.

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